Construction Solutions

Powerful and automated solutions for standard construction operations in RE development and construction.

RFIs & Submittals

Streamline RFI and Submittal review processes by defining workflows, ball-in-court notifications, and automating approved responses.

Daily Reports & Punch Lists

Unlimited project photos for Daily Reports and Punch Lists allows for true and frictionless oversight on day-to-day progress.

Schedules & QA/QC

Easily generate beautiful Gantt charts, task dependencies, QA/QC lists, and then copy them over to new projects and save time.

Specifications & More

The construction module comes with many more simple yet powerful tools like project specifications, inspections, and NCRs.

Construction Usage Metrics

Everyday usage of construction modules by a wide range of clients.
Less Than 1%
Overdue Submittals & RFIs
Over 10,000
Finalized RFIs & Submittals
Over 5,000
Daily Reports Generated