Accounting Solutions

Powerful and automated solutions for standard accounting operations in RE development and construction.

Budgets & Bid Management

Start by soliciting bids, leveling, then awarding. Set your project budget and see how line items perform against original amounts.

Payment Applications & AR/AP

Unmatched capabilities that allow for multi-level payment applications. Reduce human error with automated draws from invoices and payment apps.

Change Orders & More

Credits, debits, contingencies, and allocations give the transparency of how budgets and line items perform and where money is going.

Insurance Tracking & More

Take it beyond day-to-day operations with more tools like insurance tracking, lien waiver reporting, vendor correspondence, and more.

Accounting Usage Metrics

Everyday usage of accounting modules by a wide range of clients.
Over $2B
In Construction Volume
Over $100M
In Pay App Draw Requests
Over $500M
In Bids Solicited & Managed