Namdar Group

Developer Finds Construction Workflow Efficiency With Jet.Build

Photo Credit: Michael Young (link)

The Challenge

Namdar Group is building at a rapid pace, this means an increased demand for construction managers.

How can the team continue operating efficiently, with growing workload demands? Where is the 'breaking-point' for current, non-digitized, daily construction processes? How can the team maintain fluid communication, while also ensuring workflow doesn't bottleneck?

The Solution

Jet.Build provides the tools for scaling businesses, across all real estate development and construction processes. Features like assigning workflow, tasking 'ball-in-court' accountability, communication correspondences, file sharing and storage, among many more features across construction processes like submittals, RFI's, Punch-Lists, and more, provide an increase in management efficiency; thus, providing your management team with the tools to do more. Such features are critical as a developer operates multiple projects, in multiple markets, with multitudes of users, conditions and reporting needs.

The Result

Increased Efficiency With Accountability Tracking

Management is able to quickly review who is responsible, at any stage of the project, and email-alert the team accordingly.

Developer Seeks Increased Management Efficiency

Namdar management team needed a way to efficiently manage development growth for the organization. Namdar was- and still is- growing rapidly, but was sure there was a more cost-effective way to manage their developments, than to hire and train for project-specific work.

AJ, from Namdar's management team, mapped out what development growth, without a technology solution, would look like for their management team.

Lengthy email chains with multiple file links- because files were too large for email sharing, across multi-company teams who can't consistently access the variety of file sharing platforms resulted in a massive error-prone headache” AJ says. “When you have numerous active projects, in various construction phases, attempting to circulate live comments and updates on external static file sharing platforms- you quickly understand growth limitations.

Fed-up with the dated means of managing complex, multi-company team, projects- Namdar found their solution.

I needed a management tool that provided simple user interface, commercial grade power, and transparent pricing to implement across our project portfolio” AJ says. "We've accomplished a 98% on-time submittal workflow, with Jet. That's an incredible result.

Namdar chose Jet.Build because the product suited their needs: quick onboarding with a simple user interface, necessary efficiency-producing features that provide capacity to scale, and a transparent frictionless enterprise pricing plan.

Namdar was Jet-building within 1 day of onboarding.

We were done with the antiquated systems, and that resulting in finding more time on our calendars, all within a week of leveraging Jet.Build,” AJ says. “The Jet-team assisted with onboarding, understands the developers needs, and built a product that, simply put, solves the industry problem. We feel relieved.

Streamlined Communication Flow

With features like workflow assignments, correspondences tied to specific, for example, submittal requests, and in-app markups, the communication flow migrated from impossible-to-follow (or file-share) email chains and into a single source of truth communication data command center.

Communication without limitations; streamlined jet-correspondence workflow.

Secure And Own Your Data

Enough with scrambling to find what submittal is the latest, and who is currently responsible. Enough with scrambling to understand when the latest architectural drawing set was released, where its being hosted, and how to circulate the set to the teams. Enough with scrambling to find RFI or meeting-minutes information because it's sitting with a PM that's offline at a wedding.

Welcome technology, eliminate your data hosting and sharing problems, leverage a single-source of truth platform, and own the information you are paying for.

We can find whatever document we need in a structured, organized, and singular location” AJ says. “I can either use the search function, and all the relevant information populates immediately, or I can easily find where our architect uploaded the latest DD set, all in an organized stack.

Namdar now reduced all friction surrounding file sharing, and technical plan updates for the teams.

When we need to share files to external parties, its never been easier” AJ says. “We can now simply share a static link to anyone external- its amazing how much this has resolved for us, and how much time this 'share' feature has saved us. Not to mention, we now have all of our data in one place to leverage for future needs- or to migrate across our active project portfolio. Amazing stuff.

With a single source of truth to navigate secure file sharing and data ownership, Namdar is confidently Jet-building into the future.