Mallis Workshop

California Luxury Home-builder Builds-To-Perfection With Jet.Build

The Challenge

Mallis Workshop, a West Coast based boutique construction company that has established itself as a brand known for its unique design and a premium, built-to-perfection, product. Needless to say, client satisfaction and customer service is a top priority for the Mallis team. Mallis, like many others in the industry, recognize that in order to deliver their clients with organized project status reporting and schedule updates, a proper construction-specific technology solution is necessary. Seeking a product whose values and user-experiences that match their own was the mission. How does Mallis find a technology solution that will service their needs, in the same manner that Mallis services their clients needs?

The Solution

A happy, befitting, partnership was made between Jet.Build and Mallis Workshop! Clean user interface experience, fast product performance, structured and organized workflows with accountability and streamlined communication feature-sets: Jet.Build and Mallis are a match! Beyond product design and performance fit, Mallis quickly experiences how Jet.Build holds a similar customer-oriented value system as the two companies strive for complete customer satisfaction. The Jet.Build and Mallis way.

The Result

Organized And Efficient Reporting

Export your information from Jet's single-source-of-truth power, and quickly provide detailed reporting in a clean, organized, and consolidated manner to your clients.

Clean And Easy To Use, User Interface And User Experience

Built on a new tech-stack, Jet.Build was created specifically for the real estate development and construction industry with simplicity and user experience in mind. Jet.Build is a robust, yet intuitive, onboarding experience for all types of users.

Customer Service

The Jet-values and company mission holds an emphasis on providing a best-in-class customer service experience. The Jet-vision is to redefine the industry gold-standard by creating a frictionless experience, as a Jet.Build client and user.

Boutique Homebuilder Seeks To Provide Clients With A Frictionless Build Experience And Perfect End Product

Mallis Workshop sought a unique client project delivery experience; the ability to update and report on project status with organized transparency. In order to do so, to provide transparent and streamlined client-updates, Mallis sought to leverage a technology solution to help manage their data and workflows with PDF export capabilities.

Todd Mallis, Mallis Workshop Founder, sought to further distinguish his company-to-client deliverables, communication, and overall service. Technology was an added-value proposition toward achieving a higher quality Mallis-to-client experience.

We understand that the construction process can be frustrating for the client, they aren't necessarily from the industry and thus not necessarily privy to the workflow and milestone progress markers that aren't always visually intuitive, on a work-site, to comprehend.” Mallis says. “We wanted to show our clients that we understood their perspective, understood that progress, time, and peace-of-mind are important to them as we build their dream homes.

Mallis pursued a technology solution in hopes that they could realize benefit internally and externally, and better serve their clients.

I was aware that technology solutions in the market existed, however I wasn’t satisfied with the products and service that I came across; for example, premium pricing models or lack of proper feature- only some of the issues that had prevented me from onboarding industry-specific technology.” Mallis says.

A fellow builder, someone already Jet-building, referred Jet.Build to Mallis- and, the rest is history! Mallis onboarded their teams, files and drawings and began Jet-building within one day.

Our first impression of Jet.Build was a gratifying level of simplicity; the Jet-team reached out as we signed up and scheduled a demo for later that afternoon. We were able to start leveraging the platform on our own, prior to the Jet-onboarding call, given the intuitive nature of the product." Mallis says. "Since we were able to understand the basics on our own, during our onboarding call the Jet.Build team shifted their agenda to pointers on some powerful technical features like project bidding tools and Gantt-chart scheduling reports; each feature-set contains clean pdf-export capabilities. We've been leveraging these features and presenting them to our clients. The Jet.Build product has been a significant internal productivity boost, and external client-service experience upgrade.

Tools For Success

Jet.Build eliminates the industry stigma of "excuses" and incoherent project status updates for clients out of industry that are expecting KPI-based status updates and results. Features like workflow correspondences, a chat-like communication transparency tool within bidding, submittals, and file collaboration modules provide the relevant insights for the construction process. Jet.Build presents an industry-specific layer of transparent accountability that is otherwise difficult to report on.

Communication with transparent accountability; streamlined Jet-correspondence workflow.

Customer Service

Jet.Build is redefining the industry gold-standard for customer service. Rather than dated means of script-based inflexible service, Jet.Build listens to their clients with the intention to serve- and adapt to- their client needs. Simple as that: the Jet-service methodology.

Already, clients have proposed feature recommendations that Jet has implemented. With industry-veteran founders, Jet.Build is equipped to understand client and industry needs; Jet.Build continues to proactively implement industry-specific solutions and feature improvements.

The Jet.Build team is happy to hear from us” Mallis says. “Essentially, we know that if there is a feature nuance we need, if we have a question, or if we simply need to voice a friction-point, the Jet.Build team wants to hear it and wants to improve on their product, solution, and service. That’s what service is about, and that’s why it has been particularly great working with Jet.Build.

Mallis Workshop is now experiencing increased internal efficiencies and an impressed and satisfied client-base, as they further differentiate their product and service with Jet.Build supporting their every-step.

Jet.Build allows our company to stay future-forward.” Mallis says. “Internally, we are more efficient with improved communication and accountability workflow metrics. Externally, our clients love that they can receive real-data reporting, and process oversight and understanding.

As technology continues to become the norm, for all industries, Jet.Build provides their builder community with frictionless tools with the flexibility that serves today's means and methods of conducting business.