GY Properties

Hands-On Developer Onboards Jet.Build For Accountability Management

The Challenge

GY Properties seeks assurance that their development projects are operating on-budget and on-schedule. Naturally, with multi-company teams across the real estate development and construction process, understanding who, when, how, and why workflows are bottle-necked is a real-life challenge. How can ownership ensure, and confirm, that communication is seamless across their GC and Design teams? How can ownership track where and when project bottlenecks occur? How can ownership better be equipped to enforce responsiveness in order to mitigate delays, issues, turnover, or multi, cross-company accountability?

The Solution

Jet.Build provides the tools for accountability management, across all real estate development and construction stakeholders. Features like assigning workflow, tasking 'ball-in-court' accountability, communication correspondences, file sharing and storage, and user and group permissions, in addition to features across the construction processes like submittals, RFI's, and Punch-Lists, provide the Developer with the capability of micro and macro project management. Such features are critical for a developer seeking time and money savings, across their portfolio.

The Result

True Micro and Macro Accountability Tracking

Management can assign workflows, at an individual or group basis, as well as understand who is the bottleneck- all within a matter of second.

Provide Multi-Company Teams With The Tools To Succeed

Streamlined correspondences feature for all project processes, with file sharing, in-app markups, and deadlines, to allow a seamless cross-organization communication flow.

Own And Leverage Your Data

Enforce all information to be transacted on your license; no more scrambling for your data. Leverage compounding Jet-power, as you copy and paste data across active projects.

Developer Seeks Accountability Tracking

GY Properties sought an effective approach to assigning accountability to their development teams, with progress tracking capability. Given the nature of their team structure- an industry norm that involves numerous external stakeholders- communication, accountability, and tracking KPI's is not a given.

Haim, GY Properties CEO, decided that it was time to allow technology to be a helpful resource.

It was never clear to us, as the developer, how, when, who, and if our design teams and contractor teams were consistently communicating without our micro-oversite.” Haim says. “With a handful of active projects, thus many external stakeholders, the developers management process- understanding that your project will be delivered on-budget, and on-schedule- is wildly fractured.

Tired from the dated means of managing multiple projects with multitudes of external stakeholders, GY Properties had enough.

I was ready to adopt a solution- I just needed to be presented with something that wouldn’t be an additional headache for me to onboard.

GY Properties chose Jet.Build: Jet.Build provided GY Properties with a quick and frictionless supported onboarding process, transparent pricing models, and the technology solution that solved GY Properties pain-points.

GY Properties was Jet-building within 1 day of onboarding.

Jet.Build is what I had been looking for, the Jet.Build team removed the users friction from technology adoption, and our teams were running our projects on the platform within a day.” Haim says. “We had the opportunity to chat with the Jet.Build founders, both real estate development industry veterans- who understand our pain-points, and who understand how to address our needs, based on their industry experience.

Tools For Success

Jet.Build's three general modules, Accounting, Collaboration, and Construction, include feature sets with correspondence chat-room workflows; this feature, across all project lifecycle steps, provides the capability for multi-company external stakeholder communication to flow without friction. Moreover, the license owner has the ability to review progress at any level, micro to macro, from daily reports to submittal workflows, to bidding and budgets, to project schedule status, to reporting.

Communication without limitations; streamlined Jet-correspondence workflow.

Leveraging The Data That You Own

Provide your multi-company stakeholder teams with a solution to consolidate data into a single-source cloud-based solution, and ensure that all teams are working from the same file-sets and data. Jet.Build provides the ultimate data sharing and data management solution; moreover, with Jet.Build, data can easily be leveraged across new projects.

Copy and paste user groups, Gantt-scheduling templates, project budgets, punch-lists, you name it- across your projects and eliminate duplicative work while simultaneously creating company-wide streamlined project structure.

With Jet.Build, we've now effectively eliminated the need to chase individuals, internally and externally, to share data, files, proof of communications, etc.” Haim says. “Not only do we now have a consolidated and organized location for all of our files and data, our teams have also been copying-and-pasting information and users to our new projects; we've experienced amazing time-savings with properly structured formatting for better company-wide clarity across processes.

GY Properties now experiences the ability to dually focus: effective management of existing projects, while simultaneously scaling into new projects. Efficient, scalable, management capacity has been a result of leveraging Jet.Build.

Its clear to us that the more we leverage Jet.Build, the more efficient our construction and development process will be.” Haim says. “Our core teams can continue operating, while we scale our business, because of the workflow and data management tools that Jet.Build provides. Jet.Build is a clever name, for what the technology solves!

With a single source of truth to navigate secure file sharing and data ownership, GY Properties is confidently Jet-building into the future.