ECI Contracting

Experienced Construction And Contracting Firm Builds For Scalable Future

The Challenge

ECI Contracting- an experienced east coast contracting, design-build, and construction management firm, sought strategic long-tern solutions for increased operational efficiency through stages of company growth. With numerous concurrent ground-up construction projects being managed across multi-company teams in several states, ECI leadership aligned to decide on how they would continue to manage future growth without exceeding their operational budgets. How do we better serve our management teams in a manner that empowers them with the efficiency to absorb company growth today while simultaneously readying for the future?

The Solution

Technology. ECI recognized that in order to remain relevant, today and into the future- as they embrace growth, a technology solution would be necessary. ECI onboarded Jet.Build, and the increased ECI-workflow efficiency was realized immediately. With Jet.Build, ECI was successfully communicating faster with increased clarity, creating workflows with accountability tracking across their multi-company team management, and tracking the status of their projects in a single source of truth Jet-command-center. These Jet-features created the time-savings efficiency's that ECI sought in order to empower their management with long-term growth success. Multi-company clarity, accountability, and data insights that were Jet-built for today's use while ensuring future success.

The Result

Empowering Management for Time Savings

With workflow and accountability features across all Jet.Build product-modules, Jet.Build empowers your teams with increased capacity due to its effective technology-supported management solution. Powerful workflow assignments to individuals or groups for streamlined project delegation and issue-resolution.

Transparency and Single-Source-of-Truth

Multi-company or multi-project, Jet.Build has you covered. With elevated transparency, managers can quickly resolve project bottlenecks, frictions, issues, and more as each task is assigned to a group- or individual- providing the necessary atmosphere of transparent accountability across teams. RFIs, submittals, drawings, file sharing, Gantt-scheduling, and more, all include specific correspondence channels that remove collaboration friction resulting in time-savings as Jet.Build connects the office-to-field and vice-versa.

Built For Industry

The Jet.Build user interface and user experience was built by real estate development and construction industry professionals, specifically for industry professionals. With simplicity and new technology commercial-grade power in mind, Jet.Build provides industry professionals with a frictionless user experience. Maximum efficiency, seamless usage-to-time-savings experience, and zero friction: the Jet way to build!

Experienced Construction and Contracting Firm Seeks Tools Relevant for Today and Long-Term Scalable Growth

ECI sought a solution for their growing-pains; a need to adopt a management solution today, something that would provide immediate impact, while building for long-term scalable growth efficiency. In order to achieve this goal, ECI leadership recognized that technology would be the answer.

Devin McGettigan, ECI Project Manager, was relieved to onboard a technology solution that would support and empower their capability of managing job responsibilities and company-wide growth. Devin was quick to feel the efficiency impacts that Jet.Build provides.

Jet.Build has been a great management tool for our project thus far." McGettigan says. "This is a new 150,000 SF ground-up building, and we have been able to effectively track submittals/RFIs and delegate responsibility for each, respectively, allowing the project team to stay on top of everything.

Jet.Build was successful in bridging the accountability gap across ECI's multi-company teams, resulting in a more effective means of on-budget project-delivery.

McGettigan grew ECI's company-wide technology adoption, internally and externally, due to Jet.Build’s effectiveness.

Jet.Build has also proved to be an effective tool for issuing drawings and SK’s to all parties." McGettigan says. "We would recommend Jet.Build to any construction or design professional thinking about implementing Jet.Build on their next project.

ECI leadership, along with McGettigan, has continued finding successful immediate project results, while leveraging Jet.Build reporting module for react-forward data-driven improvements.


Jet.Build empowers all real estate construction and development stakeholders with the capability of consolidating workflows, communications, responsibilities, project oversight and much more.

With the capability to consolidate all project essentials, in the Jet-way, project operators can quickly understand, via multi-company live updates- who, when, why, and where their project resides. Eliminate friction, eliminate confusion and finger-pointing, eliminate time-wasting manual processes, and let Jet-technology support you toward a cost-and-time-saving project completion.

By leveraging Jet.Build, ECI no longer manually uncovers bottlenecks, and no longer manually pursues multi-company workflow assignments and updates for each ECI projects; Jet.Build streamlines accountability and workflow transparency for ECI, and for the multi-company stakeholders, from project inception to project completion.

Built For Industry

Simple to onboard, simple to use, simple to issue access across multi-company stakeholders- Jet.Build removed friction and provided efficiency for scalable growth, resolving ECI's immediate and long-term needs.

With industry veterans as founders, Jet.Build was built for real use based on real projects.

ECI understands the technology-based power and benefits that Jet.Build provides, specifically for real estate construction and development industry operators.

For ECI, Jet-building resulted in efficiency's today while providing the tools for scaling future company-growth. "We would recommend Jet.Build to any construction or design professional thinking about implementing Jet.Build on their next project." McGettigan says.